Womens Sheepskin Desert boots in Brown color

Size 1.5 to 8.5 UK

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29,95 € tax incl.

The darker brown color of desert boots, now with sheepskin lining. A pleasant warmth in your favorite chukka boots. When you use the boots, will not be the only ones to buy! They are ideal for everyday and resist with them.

Sheepskin desert boots in brown color can be worn all year because there are with leather lined, which are suitable for the whole year, with sheepskin for those who can not bear the cold and with our famous and exclusive perforated leather called "thousandpoints" for those who have hotter feet. It is curious that even in the coldest months chukka boots are sold with the perforated "thousandpoints" for sites where there is little rain and the cold is intense. One way or another way you can enjoy whenever you want our boots.

Brush to clean desert boots

For cleaning and maintenance we recommend using our special suede brush mixed skin.

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