our difference

Our main difference.

In Autenticasbotas we only work quality. We could offer desert boots or "chukkas" cheaper changing some details, but it's not what you want. You have found this web and you have entered to look for some that you don’t find in other sites. And that is just what we offer. Good quality of materials and manufacturing that makes them unique. There are similar, of course, but not those of Autenticasbotas.

The first thing we offer you is suede leather of very high quality. The company that supplies it is one of the main tanners in the country. Leather is more expensive but it shows, and a lot. The thickness that is used in all models of Autenticasbotas is 1.6 - 1.8 mm, which is the best balance between softness and durability. The soft thing almost "feels" just by looking at the photos, and the duration of the review when you have them.

The suede leather hair is perfect: uniform and homogeneous, without peeling or scraping ... nothing. It is more expensive but the quality is noticeable enough. Don’t you think ?.

The nappa leather that we use is Silk nappa: soft and consistent, durable and very resistant to scratches. It is a very grateful type of leather for cleaning, because maintenance is very simple.

They are also different because of the sole they use. You will have seen that it is a sole with a little rough edges, not with a completely smooth finish. That's because it is sanded by the "desvirado" system once it has been attached to the rest of the boot. Hence the marks of the sander. It is a sample of the great manufacturing process they need. These soles are the real ones, they are not pre-made. These are some soles to hold what you need.

And of course, the shoe lasts we use in Autenticasbotas. Following the habits of the manufacturers who have been making this type of footwear all their lives, we have maintained the "usual" shoe lasts, without letting ourselves be carried away by the tendencies of shapes of toes or widths. The boots that we offer here have been made with traditional lasts. Because we innovate in colors, materials and R & D, but without breaking with the past. If you want authentic desert boots, don’t think twice.

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