About Us

From an early age I have been dedicated to make shoes and sell them in the stores in my family. I don't know anything else and I would continue doing the same thing all my life. I love retailing and dealing with people. I've learned much by paying attention to the needs of people.me and my desert boots



My name is Pedro Cruzado and I'm the founder of Autenticasbotas. Once you purchase our boots, it is important for me to know how you feel in them, so your reviews and comments are highly appreciated. I am confident you will not regret your purchase.



MISSION My mission is that my product, which I love like crazy, will be sold and be available everywhere in the world. It is an honour for me to see how far they have gone up to date. They are sold in many countriesand different continents!

I want to maintain a low price since it is not all about achieving better numbers in my bank account, but rather the love I have for my job and offering everyone the opportunity to own our hogh quality boots at a price that may seem crazy.

MANUFACTURING this boots is still an art in expert hands making their technique almost ancient. Cutting the skins are still done by hand without the use of machines. The soles are sanded after each assembly by use of an old system called "Desvirado".working with suede

These and many other details make it a slow product to be manufactured compared to more modern systems, but the manual processes are one of our brand labels which differentiates us from the rest.


VALUES my company values ​​are always treat people as they are, not as numbers. I do not care assist you by phone on a Saturday night than a Sunday bedtime. You have a problem or question to solve and I'm as fast as possible. And orders reaching you soon. As I like to treat me

OBSTACLES I am slowly overcoming the obstacles that are put forward. Proud to be regular customers in Russia and Ukraine, be able deliver your orders at 9-10 days, with the problems that exist in these customs offices, where complain that orders sometimes take over a month. And I do it in less than half!

CHALLENGES my next challenge is that you acquire a pair of our Desert Boots. The rest is simple and we love to assits you. You are going to love our products and we hope you will repeat the purchase having many colours and styles to choose from.


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