Women Pink Desert boots

Sizes 1.5 to 7.5 UK

footwear composition Autenticasbotas


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29,95 € tax incl.

Beautiful. You only see bubblegum pink tone they have. They are fun and certainly not pass them unnoticed. Buy yourself pink desert boots. With this color you will project your mood around. If it makes you want to wear them anymore!

Give us a hard time getting the exact pink we wanted for these women's boots and once achieved the result is obvious. One of our "chukkas" selling from size 20 to 43, so that no girl is left without them.

Recommendations for care for the suede:

With a brush we can clean dirt and dust or dirt. However if we find deeper or spots something worn due to its continued use, to get it back suggest you the following: apply water vapor (a kettle for example), then let the split to dry naturally and when completely dry , brush with metal bristle brush.

If a wet day in excess, the best solution is to make balls of newspaper and insert them inside the boot to not lose shape as it dries. Never dry applying a heat source.

In the course the split is smeared with glue or glue a piece of crepe is the best way to remove any remaining adhesive. In case of not crepe, a piece of dry bread can make the function.

Brush to clean desert boots

For cleaning and maintenance we recommend using our special suede brush mixed skin.

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