Men Khaki Desert boots

Size 1.5 to 11  UK

footwear composition Autenticasbotas

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29,95 € tax incl.

These boots can enchanted everybody with their touch and the kaki tropical color. Absolutly beautiful! This color is combinable with a huge game of colors, perfect to our basic wardrobe because these boots can save us of any kind of situation in which we have to go somewhere. Kaki is a original color, you don't find it easily in another boots and we make the tone still more special. Break the scheme and get these desert boots!

Recommendations for care suede leather:

With a brush we can clean dust or dirt. However if we find deeper stains or something worn due to its continued use, to get it back suggest to do the following: apply steam (a teapot for example), then we will let the suede leather to dry naturally and when completely dry , brush with a bristle brush metal.

If due to excessive rain is wet, the best solution is to make balls of newspaper and place them inside the boot to not lose shape while it dries. Never dry applying a heat source.
In case that the suede leather is stained with glue, a piece of crepe is the best way to remove any remaining adhesive. In case of not having crepe, a piece of dry bread can function.
Brush to clean desert boots
For cleaning and maintenance we recommend using our special  mixed split leather brush. 

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