Our main difference.

It could provide a cheaper desert boots changing a few details, but it isn't what you want. You're looking for some boots that you can't find anywhere else. And that's just what I offer. Quality materials and manufacture that makes them unique. Some boots are similar, of course, but they are not Autenticasbotas.

The first thing I offer is very high quality suede. high quality suedeThe company that supplies is a leading tanneries in Spain. It's more expensive, but it's the best suede leather. The thickness used in all models is 1.6 - 1.8 mm, which is the best balance between softness and durability. The softness "feels" only with seeing the images, and the duration will be verified when you have these boots.

I'm so sure of their quality in terms of duration that we don't put metal eyelets for the laces pass. no eyeletsOriginal desert boots don't have metal eyelets! (Except pony skin boots, because boots pony skin can not be made without the eyelets)

Another thing that sets us apart is the plush of the suede leather. Like I said before, is more expensive than other suede leathers. best suede leatherIt's a totally uniform and homogenous plush, not peeled or scraped... nothing. In this picture you can compare suede of another brand (in blue color) and Autenticasbotas (in aubergine color). It's quite different, don't you thing?

These boots also differ from the others in the soles. You can see that it is a sole with the edge a little rough, without smooth finish. good quality solesThat's because we using the system "desvirado": once joined the rest of the boot to the sole, is sanded. Hence the sanding marks. It's a sample of the great manufacturing process.