Children Sheepskin Desert boots in navy color

Size 4 to 1 UK

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Same blue desert boots but with sheepskin inside them for more heat in the feet of the smallest of the house. The sheepskin keeps the foot dry because it leaves transpire, reducing moisture that cools the foot in the winter months.

Do you know which is the best-selling sheepskin lining? Our desert boots in blue color for boys and girls is the choice when we talk about lined with sheepskin. It will be for its easy combination with all colors in the coldest months. It is followed closely by brown and pink colors.

And so you know how to clean children desert boots, you can click here or continue reading:

If the stains are normal by continuous rubbing or similar use, the best option is cleaning with water and a little ammonia. Is very grateful to clean leather  occasionally. Last long as new.

If the stain is more serious (some liquid who stay dry, liquid signals ...) it is best to put boots on a steam source, such as a italian coffee maker, and make a brushing with a very stiff bristle brush, always in the sense of "combing" of the suede. Allow to dry in the shade and then brush a little to release the plush.

If the boots have been very disheveled there is a trick that told me a client and works like a charm: a machine to cut hair, as if you were mowing the lawn, to leave all the suede plush in the same size again.

Brush to clean desert boots

For cleaning and maintenance we recommend using our special suede brush mixed skin.

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