Red Desert boots for children

Sizes 4 to 1 UK

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24,95 € tax incl.

I bet whatever you want to you can not miss the opportunity to give the kids desert boots in the same red fire that men and women. They are incredibly beautiful and more than funny.

These boots are so perfect with casual dresses for girls with some tights or stockings color. And for the kids what I will say... if they are to eat them!

Oh, and the velcro is durable and strong. Our boots aren't imported, with no resistant velcro. These boots are made with good seams and durable buttresses considering that those who will use them seems that they don't have empty batteries ever.

We use spanish leather with good weight and, very importantly, when cleaning it easy restore the original color.

And how do you clean them? You can click here to find out how.

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