Men's Desert boots Jeans color

Sizes 1.5 to 14.0 UK

footwear composition Autenticasbotas

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29,95 € tax incl.

Fun and cool. The boots that every men should have in his closet. Like jeans, the name indicates it, they save us from any situation. A color never seen before in Autenticasbotas. Since we started manufacturing them and offer them for sale, they have been one of the most sold.

One of our most original colors. Despite being blue, the tone makes them special and original. You'll not see other equal and you'll have an exclusive style very gorgeous.

And how clean the desert boots?

Nothing easier. A good brushing too hard bristles, even metal. With this we do is scratch the split leather and get new hair. If what you have is something stuck, this method leaves everything, and if you have is some stain or similar type of drink, it is best to apply steam and scrape with stiff brush.
For day to day, remove dust or dirt grave with a simple soft bristle brush, like we all have at home, that's enough.
Keep in mind that cleaning the safari boots is almost nil, it is a very patient skin not to be confused with suede, very delicate plastic when peeling and stays.
The leather of desert boots is very durable and enduring almost everything.
For more information on cleaning the safari boots, click here.

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