custom desert bootsIf you want a totally customized desert boots, in Autenticasbotas we have contacted the artist Pablo Ruano. Now it is easy to capture in a pair of boots that drawing that you love, for you or to make that gift of those that you never forget. Completely personal and hand painted with premium inks. You just have to tell Pablo what you would like to see in the boots and he takes care of the rest ... They are true artworks!

Pablo, son of the famous painter Dámaso Ruano, inherited his father's love for painting and for daring to risk in different styles, which is perceived in the works of Dámaso with perfect degraded already in the early 70s. Since his youth he has been painting everything that falls into his hands. From skateboards to backpacks, through hats, stones ... everything that friends were asking. Until he starts painting on footwear, this being his almost exclusive activity. Throughout these last years Pablo Ruano has been getting famous and nowadays he is doing incredible works on footwear all over the world, including sports and television celebrities.

If you want to see your dream painted on our boots, we offer you the possibility that Pablo will paint them for you and send them to you, we don't receive anything in return. 

What do you have to do to have your custom boots?

1- Get in touch with Pablo, reach an agreement with him about what you want and the cost.
2- Make the normal purchase of the boots on our website. In the section "comments" writes that are to customize.
3- We take care to send them to Pablo's studio.
4- When he has finished them, he only has to close the box and we send them to you the next day.

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