Sand Belts

Inches 35.5 - 39.5 - 41.5 - 45.5

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17,95 € tax incl.

Basic suede leather belt in sand color. In the same leather that we use in our boots. With leather lining, silver buckle and all sewn contour. Made in Spain with high quality process to remain like new for long.

This sand-colored belt is the clearest colors we manufacture and sell the same for men as for women, there is no difference. For its versatility for combining, this belt is one of must be hung on the hanger full of belts or in that box where we rolled up it in our closet :)

UNISEX. With a width of 3.5 cm it is perfect for men and women. Suitable for all belt loops, no problem. 
Complete your look with this belt to combine your favorite desert boots. 
WHAT SIZE DO I NEED? To know your belt size, check the measures your waist. If your size is measured 39.5 inches, your size will be 39.5. It does not matter if it is for men or women. Note that our belts can be cut, so that it is preferable to choose a larger size if you do not find your exact size or have questions. 
HOW TO CUT THE BELT? As simple as unscrew the screw, you cut where you choose and screwing the screw previously making a hole to pass by leather, of course. It will take 1 minute. 

- Premium suede. Supplied by one of the best tanneries. With a thickness of 1.4 / 1.6 mm and a perfect plush. 
- Leather. All our belts have the backing of 75% cowhide and 25% latex. Perfect for a good fit and handling. 

Note: the images of our boots and belts are subject to slight changes in tone, motivated by tinting in the manufacture or by the resolution and perspective of each device from where they are displayed. For that reason it may not always be possible to complete equality in tone of our boots and belts, so when in doubt the customer may request a joint photograph.